Wardrobe Detox

Do you have “nothing to wear”, yet your wardrobe is full to the brim with clothes. It’s time for a complete wardrobe detox, say goodbye to those messy piles of clothes and your 12 year old jeans and say hello to your new, organised, colour-coded wardrobe.


After understanding what could maximise your lifestyle and wardrobe, we will organise, de-clutter and renovate your space so that you can access your clothing easily, saving you much needed time. We can also help by recommending space saving ideas in terms of storage and accessories that will make all the difference in keeping everything looking stylish and organised.


Once your wardrobe has had its much needed detox, we could have a look at forming some new, stylish looks based on the clothing you already own and new pieces that could be added to your wardrobe. We will create a bespoke lookbook reccommending on-trend pieces that could be added to your wardrobe and looks to refer back to which will save you time when getting ready. You will now have a clear space and clear mind which will help you to have a better understanding of the colours and styles that suit your shape.​

IMG_8165 2.PNG

What does it involve?

  • Phone/ video call consultation to discuss your preferences, we will require pictures of the space which will allow us to recommend storage/ space saving ideas, pre-detox

  • Depending on your requirements, we will spend the first couple of hours going through your wardrobe to de-clutter the space and organise the bits that you no longer need 

  • It will then take us between 2-12 hours (again depending on the size of you wardrobe/ space) to re-organise and colour code

  • If you would like to make the most of the process, we could also create you a bespoke lookbook in line with our Online Personal Stylist service, adding some key pieces into your wardrobe and outfit ideas that you can refer back to day-to-day


Ad-on options

  • Depop/ eBay account setup 

  • Charity shop drop

  • Personal Styling, including Polaroid prints of outfits from your wardrobe, styled so that you can refer back day-to-day